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Field of Chrysanthemums


Inhalation of Mothers Natures, volatile liquids is the most benefial way to reduce stress, relaxation, and promote balance. During your visit you will receive essential oil diffusion which helps clarify the air, send relaxation signals to different parts of your brain. For your speciality services such as Aroma Chakra Journey and Chakra Balancing Hair Masque & Divine Makeovers, you will have an energetic blend based upon our chakra assessment made uniquely for you.

Bohemian Girl


Physical Healing with Essential oils is a very powerful and natural way to help your body heal, soothe, and comfort your pain. With proper dilution you can safely build your immune system, and shorten symptoms of common cold, headaches, and indigestion. Essential oils are vital part of Emilene's life and have helped her muscles as an athlete, burns, hair, scalp, and much much  more. A mini consultation with her can help you get started.

Happy Indian Bride


Essential oils and special Hydrolates hold special frequencies that have the magical healing power of raising your vibration. When we raise our bodies frequencies, we feel more peaceful, healthy, and happy inside and out. Those frequencies also draw us closer to our loving angels and fairies.  During your experience with Emilene and her speciality services you will be sure to encounter this feeling.

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