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Holistic Beauty Journey's + Healing Haircut





ALL DIVINE BEAUTY JOURNEY'S INCLUDE- Intake, Reiki, chakra balancing scalp massage, crystals, Aromatherapy, organically  written meditation for your life event, take home affirmations and aroma inhaler, oracle card guidance, then YOU BUILD THE REST OF YOUR RITUAL by choosing your hair services.


Hair Loss Exploration- Explore holistic healing for hair fall, it may a topical issue, hormone issue, diet, but have you ever thought about it being energetic, An imbalance of energies? Lets explore.

The Break Up- You are not alone. Releasing, comforting, forgiving, and balancing from the connection and emotions. Cutting chords energetically. 

Expecting Mom- Exciting and transformational time of your life. Honoring the physical, emotional, and energetic changes that are taking  place. Two souls merging. Two worlds submerging. Emilene is certified to use safe Essential Oils and holistic comforting resources.

Mommy's Day Out- An old age belief system where we as women feel we need to be in control and do it all our selves. Learn to let go and revitalize inside and out. Take a break from multi tasking and rejuvenate. 

Stress Relief/ Self Love/Self Care-  We all have stress, good and bad. Find out what self love means for you. Nourish your mind, body, soul, and hair. Remember how important it is to start the day with a "GOOD hair day"

Soulpreneurs- Self-care is the foundation of sustainable success for Soulpreneurs. Have your dreams come true from opening your own business? You are spreading your light to the world, following your journey with honesty and integrity. For this sensitive soul, time for you to rejuvenate and inner connecting has never been so  important. You may need draw more inspiration or feel beautiful for an event. 

Sensitive Child- Do you have a child suffering from unresolved  headaches or stomach pain? Understanding your child's energy field and sensitivities to where the hold and feel their stress can be crucial. There are small, safe and calming holistic ways to help. Emilene would love to share and give them a relaxing experience.

Survivor-​ Have you endured trauma in your life, either form injuries, accidents, physical, emotional, sexual, or emotional abuse? You have survived and this will be gentle way to honor where you are at in your healing journey. Empowerment. Forgiveness.

Empath Gifts- Are you a highly sensitive person? Do you get fatigued, drained easily? Do you have unresolved digestive issues. Can you feel other peoples emotions and take them on as your own? Learn how to use you emotion and intuition as gifts. You are not alone.

Grieving- Are you experiencing a loss of someone or something and need to fell like YOU again? Allow yourself to relax and let go. 

Date Night- New love, current love, or girls night out. Feel extra special with some pampering. Energetically send love to the ones we care about.

Interview- Unfortunately we are judged within minutes of meeting someone. Leave a great first impression with a relaxed, confident, and stylish energy. 

Wedding Bliss- Are you a bride to be looking for destress before the wedding and to feel extra special on your day? You will be ready to give and receive love with all your being. 

Sinus and Headache Relief- Did you know essential oils, massage, and acupressure points can relieve pain and give you comfort?

Build Your DIVINE Journey Package

Journey $111

 Journey & Speciality Style $211

 Journey & AromaCut $211

Journey, AromaCut, Speciality Style  $222

 Journey, Intuitive Color, AromaCut  $333

Mini Facial  $33

If you have a life event or transition that is not listed, don't worry, contact Emilene and she will happily have a consult to design a Journey Package just for you.  If you have any questions regarding the Divine Makeovers and to book your Journey Packages  please contact Emilene by phone or email.

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