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What Guests are Saying


"That is exactly what I envisioned but didn't know how to describe it"

"She took her time, she listened and cared"

What Guests are feeling

-They feel lighter inside and out

-They have a restful night sleep

-They open up, feel safe and share emotions

What guests are noticing

"I have tried Aveda and no color has worked for my sensitive scalp with my eczema, except for OWay"

"I don't smell anything, usually the color fumes bother me"

Empath Journey Reflection

"Being an empath has been a rather difficult journey for me at times. It’s been a time of loneliness and anxiousness, as I am learning how to deal with other people’s energies along with my own. My divine makeover was that indeed, a DIVINE makeover. I walked away from my appointment with Emilene feeling accepted for who I am and not alone for the first time ever. I feel proud and excited to be able to say I AM an EMPATH and I will continue to honor this gift and use the proper tools that Emilene has given me to help me to continue live life with open chakras and with self love, essential oil inhaler, affirmations, and all sorts of others tips and tricks. I am so grateful for Emilene for her ability to heal as well as honor and open my chakras." Elizabeth Reshcke

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