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Emilene Anna,
Holistic Beauty Artist

Your Intuitive + Spiritual Beauty Artist Who Honors Your Whole Being

About Her


Welcome to Emilene Anna's Holistic Experience for mind, body, soul, and beauty. Owner, compassionate community developer GreenHouse Holistic Co-op, La Crosse, WI.


Emilene has been a leading Beauty Artist for 20 years and is revolutionizing the industry with certifications as a Holistic Aromatherapist, Energy Medicine using the healing powers of Essential Oils, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Holistic, Organic hair color and products.


Feel supported through your Journey of life. Offering Divine Makeovers, transformation inside and out. With a passion and love for all things beauty and with a heart centered approach, Emilene has been helping guests look and feel their best inside and out since 2003.


She uses her gifts of communication, intuition, and mindfulness in all of her services to ensure that all of her guests discover their very essence true beauty. Emilene believes beauty and wellness should co-exist to create healthier, sustainable way of life, beauty, and business.


After she set sail on her own Healing and Holistic journey, she is empowered to share, help others, and give graciously back to the world.


Emilene is offering safer products to ensure her own health and the wellbeing of others. As a lightworker she uses her unique and divine gifts, offers soulful, and compassionate intuitively guided organic services.


This is more than "just doing hair" it is about bringing mindfulness and awareness to the industry and honoring the vital energy of the crown chakra that radiates through your whole being. She hopes this website brings you clarity and fascinating new insight about your organic beauty experience. If you have any questions about Emilene Anna, Holistic + Spiritual Beauty Artist, please get in touch with her today.


Live In Your Light, Lift Your Spirit, Transcend Your Beauty



Spirituality, Culture, Cosmos, Energy & Chakra's

Where Beauty Connects Us All




Emilene honors that physical touch is not just part of a beauty treatment, but above all it is an interaction with emotions, thought, and sensations of a human being. The word "cosmetic" is derived from the word "cosmos" which was introduced by Pythagoras in 550 B.C. He defined "cosmos" as the order of the universe. The intimate relationship of appearance to one's visual harmony was obvious to the ancient Greeks and before them the ancient Egyptians. The head is a very important part of the body, it is delicate, sensitive, and highly receptive. She honors this space which is your CROWN chakra, it holds your connection to the universe/cosmos. Our hair acts as antennas that help us receive and  release energy and emotion. Hair is apart of our journey of life and our experiences. According to Ayureveda cultures the head includes 7 of the 10 portals to the body, both physical and energetic. Receiving a haircut is energetically creating and releasing. A rebirth. From a Yogi perspective hair is an amazing gift of nature. It will help raise your Kundalini Energy(creative life force) which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility.




We have 7 main energy points on the body where we receive, percieve, and transmit vital information to our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual life. These all will correspond with an endocrine gland. Chakra's are our spiritual batteries. Everything surrounding us, every person has an energy field, and how we take care of ourselves is directly correlated  with how we are perceived through this "invisible" energy field.  Understanding and allowing the awareness of these centers has led her on an enlightened path. Combining her love for beauty, with the inner love, compassion, and awareness helps her transcend your experience with a deeper meaning. She can feel and sense energy and emotion to help guide you into your whole beauty experience.




"Reiki" means universal life energy. Seeking to treat the spirit within, which is a key source of an imbalance in our minds and bodies. In Reiki the energy is drawn from the universe and transmitted  through the palms of the hands to achieve a rebalancing of life force. It starts with the power of healing our own lives and then feeling called to share this universal love and truth to help others. Emilene attended her first wellness retreat, received energy healing and a Mayan stomach massage.  With an open heart and mind, it was nothing short of a miracle. Constant pain she had lived with for years was gone. 
At the heart of healing is compassion and love. When we are closer to love, we feel closer to people and nature. Through this your Hair Artist can build your relationship of trust, awareness, intention, honesty, and receive the insight to honor vision and experience. Reiki will help allow your inner beauty shine. You may feel more peaceful, relaxed, and lighter. This will promote a positive atmosphere and a soulful experience.




Angels are only one thought away and always remember you are not alone. We are spiritual beings having an human existence and they are here to help and guide us to our soul purpose. Emilene believes it is apart of her to share the spiritual knowledge that she has been so blessed to receive from signs, healing, and encounters. She blends calling in the Angels and Guides into her intentional beauty services. She also blends her love for essential oils to assist calling in the Angels for a powerful way to help heal the mind, body, and spirit. There is no problem to little to call on the Angels. Did you know there is an Archangel for beauty and art? Archangel Jophiel can also help us manifest and create harmony in our daily lives. Essential oils that will help bring self esteem and confidence to our daily lives, cinnamon, clove, jasmine, orange, vanilla, and ylang yang.

"My story doesn't define me, rather empowers me. These experiences shaped my dreams, and when it felt most powerful, I rewrote my story. With every heartache I found love, for every bout of sadness I then could feel happiness, for every failure I found my faith, every tear I shed I found a smile, for every violation I discovered my empowerment and forgiveness. These are just chapters that have lead me to my favorite, this one.

I feel blessed, having hundreds of guests that have been my teachers over the last 15 years. Their trust, experiences and stories have diversified my mind. I dedicate this next chapter to all my "teachers" of life who brought me one step closer to my authentic self, the divinity I was born with. This chapter has captivated me and enlightened me. I understand I went through everything I did, to help and teach others, to make a difference in this world.

I value the support and energy exchange with each client. I offer a referral program use 15%ref code for your referral and new guest to the salon." Emilene Anna

She leads with her heart, 
What she does sets her apart,
Integrity, honesty, transparency,
What you feel on the inside matters to me.
She wants to make an impact,
In reflection, watch you react.
Fly with the bees, so she can see,
What matters to you, matters to me.
Care for our planet, we should just ban it,
Harmful, crude, and the unjust,
Being a change in this world is a must.
Share ideas, get personal, get real,
Because everything she does, you must feel.
Help you, honor you, be present with you,
So you can love yourself too.
Wants you to raise your vibration,
So the Emilene Experience is a real temptation.



126 5th Ave South, Lacrosse, WI, 54601


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