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  • Emilene Anna

Mirror Reflection

Mirror reflection Remember these people and situations are your teachers. Anyone who bothers, annoys, or makes you anger are all opportunities to look closely at yourself and what needs to heal. Since we can only choose our thoughts behind the behaviors of others , it’s up to us to not react.

The more peace we feel and aren’t affected by someone’s unauthentic choices, the better we feel. Speak our truth is the common affirmation for clearing and healing energy in the throat chakra. This has been a vulnerable experience for me and understanding WHY this is not an easy one for me.

If opinions are personal for everyone, everyone’s truth is different. If we speak our truth in the face of conflict, we may feel the need to defend. But defending lowers my vibration and leaves me feeling less than before because not only did it not serve, I now feel misunderstood. My opinion now serves me no good if it’s “not heard”

So often people share their opinions without having the awareness Someone they love has a completely different view point and one can choose to remain silent and be the bigger person. So you see, silence, with the profound understanding it is for the greater good of anyone to not engage in such disconnect. Approaching every conversation and situation from a spiritual approach, use your intuition to guide you. If we speak with wisdom, compassion, and genuinely care for every energy in the conversation we will create more light in the world.

When you feel annoyed seek laughter, when you feel angry seek forgiveness, when you feel hurt send them Love. To me, this is being In-Spirit 🌞

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