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  • Emilene Anna

Dear Diary to the Universe

Dear Diary to the Universe Never in a million years would I think social media could link together to create support for many diversified groups that may feel alone otherwise. Sometimes I feel Facebook is like my Dear Diary to the Universe. Sharing life’s ups and downs. It does do just that. We are all one. Connected to the same loving Source. At the same time we are all different colors of the wind, we all have a unique way, something special that no one else may have or do the same. As I continue my spiritual journey it is such an inward growth process. A responsibility to my souls purpose. For me most moments to share have such a deep complexity and stories that seem too long to share. I have a deep longing to always be origanal and authentic. We put all our thoughts, conversations, experiences, and things we read into a SPIRIT FERRIS WHEEL that soon complies into our belief system. We take what our soul feels is right and at some point we create them into our own words, our own thoughts and dreams. That is where is gets challenging to me, because I notice trends of words and phrases. For whatever reason when I’m told I have to do something a certain way, I want to find my own way. And even though I have journaled about words and phrases that have been in my heart for over a decade when they became in trend, I think now it’s been done. People may judge why and when it’s appropriate to use such language. Which I know is SILLY! So hear it goes, I do believe our Source is God! I believe our higher self, our Christ Consciousness is inside all of us. I believe in Buhdda, Jesus, Arch Archangels, Angels, Faires and Spirit. I have had the most beautiful ANGELIC interactions and so has my husband and other family members. My whole family has been touched by some form of a miracle and that includes extended family. Miracles from prevailing from family abuse, accidents, illness, cancer, and addictions. Some may wonder why you, and not me? For this I do not, I pray for you and your healing too. I will give back by spreading the word of light and love. I believe miracles exist and they have since the beginning of time. I am honored and humbled to be a part of it and it feels like a light switch turned on inside. It is my calling to share, enlighten, and continue to ask for the divine guidance of love and light from our angels so I can continue to show my LOVE and LIGHT to the world. So I can help heal this world by being one vessel of gods light. Sharing truth and wisdom. Sharing my hands and my HEART in this physical body to help others. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and awareness to treat my beautiful physical vessel with great love and care. By listening to what my spirit body and physical body need. The respect of connecting the mind, body, and soul. Part of my souls purpose is to keep my vibrations and my aura in a high and thriving frequency. Everyone’s frequency will need something different and special. I understand no one person is the same or what their needs will be. That goes for the diet, fitness , faith, and lifestyle. Their is no perfect answer or fix. I would love to take the time and dedication to help people see them selves as their higher self. Find out what truly works for them. What makes YOUR heart happy? What makes you sing to the choir? I believe we all want SOUL recognition. We want to be heard and respected for who we are now, all that we have done and seem for all that we do. We are HUMAN in fact. The reason I believe so strongly in things is because I have done the work, I do the work daily. ENERGY HYGIENE is the number one! What you give in the universe you get back. Understanding the purity of my heart and the ability to do a LIFE REVIEW as I am on earth. Compassion and forgiveness. Forgiveness for myself. I am my own worst critic and will be the first to say I’m not perfect. I am stubborn and I may not be for everyone. I’ve been saying for years, for friendships and relationships that no one person can be in the wrong. We learn And evolve and sometimes we don’t live in the Same frequency and therefore we feel a shift. A breakup. No one is right or wrong though. It’s hard to set boundaries especially when you want to feel confident and wise but understand there is always something to be learned and gained from every experience. Understanding that this is MY SPIRIT FERRIS WHEEL of interpretation. I want to be compassionate and forgiving but also want to be strong and independent. Stand up for what is right. But what is right ? Finding the ROOT cause for all physical and emotional distress. Doing the work. For every judgement and control tactic, if find a affirmation and prayer. Experiencing anxiety, is it an emotional experience, low vibration, or food and could it be hormones?? What HERBS Can I take? Oils? What lifestyle can I change? I have a stabbing pain, is it energy attacking, mine or someone else? Dreaming! Oh dreaming, one of the latest and very important parts of my life to conquer. I never felt rested because I always teased I would live a different life while I dreamed. Putting together SLEEP and SPIRITUALITY. Good and bad, finding answers and discovering super powers. Do YOU have a super power? I can elevate and fly but also elevate others to fly with me. I have warded off demons in my dreams with gods love and light.

Do you have a phobia? Mine our spiders.. I don’t want to be fearful of spiders so I will search for the silver lining . I can sense a spider in any room, they come to me and they follow me. They are my SPIRIT ANIMAL and once again reminds me we are all connected through this web Of energy. The spider stands for strong female energy. Conquering one fear at a time. Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to vampire movies or witches? Maybe you were a witch in a different lifetime. It could be possible?! Or Aliens? Maybe they live among us? Maybe angels are among us in human form? Why not? Why MUST we judge and say NO? Isn’t believing more fun?!? Wow this feels great… I have to say the BEST energy I’ve ever felt is when SPIRIT moves me even though I am in bed awake since 3 AM writing. I know that the spirit lies still, waiting for me to EMERGE my voice. Coming ALIVE. Humility turns to humble, confusion and Chaos turn to courage, sadness turns to happiness and dark into light. There is always a mirror image for every emotion. I will always tune in and check with my higher self. What is my feeling telling me? One of my gifts is to sense others emotions and feelings. To feel ones soul. Can always tell a lie from the truth. A false sense of happiness, of someone acts away based on insecurities, maybe compensation.

But all these are are judgements. I will honor their path and their journey. When one awakens to their truth and light, when they are ready, I am waiting and here.

Have you heard every psychic/medium say we ALL have these gifts, but don't know what that means? I did. NOW I know and experiencing it is magical. The beauty that resides in this is you grow your relationship with yourself, your higher self. A deeper meaning and understanding of everything from your career, family, and all relationships. Awakening my psychic centers, sitting with spirit, asking and thanking my guides and angels everyday for this spiritual growth and protection. Learning as an EMPATH daily energy hygiene is vital. I know a lot of you reading this probably have a keen sense of Others feelings. Do you feel sensitive and insightful? Do you wonder where sudden emotion or feeling comes from? It may not be yours? But learning empathy and compassion are good things. Feeling so strong can feel like a curse, but I promise learning energy hygiene will keep you spreading your light to others and protecting your own.

Can you walk in a room and feel like you can hear everyone’s thoughts? Is it overwhelming? I hate grocery stores and hard for me to be in a church for these reasons. Driving, oh driving. I can get severe anxiety in a car. But flying, no big deal. I love flying. Ever wonder why? I do, allot! Do you know your audience? Do you ever think about preaching something as your own but remembering you learned that somewhere and they may already know. I often find myself wondering how often I have made people feel this. I will try a new approach. What if we approached everyone as if they already knew what we were going to teach. What if you pause and ask yourself, how Can I make myself relatable so I can listen as much as I talk. What if I go into every conversation that they have something to teach me. What if we learn the experience of the individual before we spread our word. Maybe we can see and feel through validation there comprehension of the topic at hand. In deed we all have something to teach each other. It’s hard for me when I feel like it’s not an equal energy exchange during a conversation and I’m being talked at or not heard. So often we speak to hear ourselves and not to listen. By LISTENING I will teach. Manifestation. Oh I love this one. Be carful what you wish for. Every beautiful wish I made cAme true. And with these wishes all cAme with trials and tribulations. Sacrifices. I truly believe what you authentically put out in the world and when your connected the universe responds you get it back. This is true for me. And it keeps happening. So creepy cool(is my consistent motto) So here it is. Bucket list things. This year only. What makes me fearful? I tune in and do it! A couple fears: Public speaking, Competing in a CrossFit competition. But first I will back track. With CrossFit I found what I love. Challenging, strengthening, toning, dedication, endurance, community, mind-body connection and these are just to name a few. The competition is only with myself. STRENGTH means to me, pushing when it’s hard, enduring pain, facing your fears, some of the most everyday titles are my greatest accomplishments. Mom, step-Mom, and wife. These relationships are my greatest teachers. Teaching unconditional love. Love and Light. No one else knows . If you got to the end of this post, the most AMAZING opportunity was just presented to me! I may have Just one the emotional lottery! I’m not into TV, news or celebrities. Part of my energy hygiene is what I expose myself to. I also have a weird sense of humor and don’t find things funny!

BUT there is one person on TV that can make me laugh at loud! Who gives me goosebumps and I cry usually from the great emotion she invokes! Who is this you might ask?? ELLEN! She has been in my bucket list to see! I have many beautiful souls in my life. I truly am blessed with deep and true friendships. One amazing yo soul got tickets to see ELLEN and Invited ME!!! I cant wait to feel the energy of this show!!! If it gives you any clue on how complex I think, this post started with gratitude for this amazing experience!!!!


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